"Dylan-tinged vocal and
introspective lyrics that spin out
big-picture stories imbued
with chilling small  details."

"Bill Mallonee... [has] remained
fascinated with the shadowy
emotional toils and struggles inherent
in the American experience, compelling,
insightful, [he] continues to probe through
Americana rock and roll proving that
sometimes the only story worth telling
is that of the journey."
Rolling Stone

Photo: Ben Slaboda



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Dear Fans and Friends:
We recently attempted to launch an album pre-order project via Kickstarter. A couple of weeks into the campaign, Kickstarter was hacked and some of our fans had malicious spy-ware emailed to them and their contacts. That, in addition to the fact that we didn't seem to be reaching any broader of a fan base with Kickstarter than we do all on our own, led us to the decision to pull the plug on the pledge campaign and relaunch the album pre-order ourselves. We're taking pre-orders at our own Bandcamp site - dealing directly with you the fans, with no one in the middle. Also, just to start things fresh and anew, the album name was changed from "Hall of Mirrors" to "Dover Beach" (named for the poem by Matthew Arnold.) So if you're interested in backing this project, please go to Bandcamp and throw in your support, Dover Beach will be available in download, CD and vinyl (yes, VINYL!) format, and has a target release date of September 2014. Thank you so much for your support, both on past projects and this one. We have a terrific fan base, and we are thankful for you all!
Bill & Muriah

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